Student Login Guide

Step # 1


The following steps are mainly for Desktop and Laptop users but can be also done using the Browser app on your Mobile devices.

Please be advised, If Students are using the Google Chrome Browser or an Android device they must first log out of those Google Accounts before proceeding.

It is recommended that you read through ALL the Steps before proceeding.

Step # 2

If you were successful in signing out all other Google Accounts In Step 1 you will be redirected to the Google Log in Page as shown in allowing you to enter you new log in information.

If how ever you were redirected to your GMAIL account or any other Google App that means you have not yet successfully logged out of you other Gmail account.

Please log out of those other accounts if it is not the official account supplied by the school.

Step # 3

When you are redirected to the a blank sign in page, please enter the Student Log in Credential provided by the School and Click Next.


The Student's sign in email must be in the format:


The Log in Email address is NOT Case sensitive (meaning it does not matter if you type it in Upper or Lower case letters).

Do NOT forget the "." (dot) in between the First Name and Last Name of the Student.

***Do NOT attempt to log in with the Gmail Account previously required to be created ending with ''

Click on the Google Sign in Link below to Go to the Google Sign In Page remembering the advice from Step 2.

Step # 5

Please enter the Password provided by the school.


Please DO NOT change the supplied Password until the Teacher of the Class advises to do so.

The Password is case sensitive (meaning it will not work unless you use the correct Upper or Lower case letters as provided).

ONLY When you are advised to change the Password select a Secure Password that is easy for both Parent and Student to remember.

Secure Passwords are longer than 8 characters and contain a combination of Upper and Lower case letters, Numbers and Special Characters.

Pass- Sentences are much more secure and easy to remember.

Pass-sentence example: I@m2hungry (I am to hungry)

Step # 6

If it is the first time your are logging in to the Student Account you will see the "Welcome to you new account" (shown in this screenshot)

Click on the blue "Accept" button at the bottom of the message.

Step # 7

To access the Google Apps used by the Teacher Click on "waffle symbol" on the top right-hand side of the Student Email Page.

Step # 8

Click on the App you would like to use.

  • Google Classroom

  • Google Meet

  • Google Drive

  • Google Calendar

  • Google Docs

  • Google Slides

  • Google Draw

  • etc...

Android and IOS DEVICES

Please note that if you are using an Android or IOS mobile device (Phone or Tablet) you are required to download the Google Classroom and/or Google Meet apps (Or any other Google Suite App requested by the teacher) before logging in using the credentials (user name and password) supplied.